SECURELY HOLDINGS PTY LTD is registered as a independent remittance dealer with AUSTRAC under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act (Cwth) 2006. Registration Number IND100809706-001.

Protect your $18,000 bike purchase for only $49 extra….


We protect the sale of your $200,000 motor yacht for $49.


Buying a Jetski for $4000? Only $27 protects you.

Farm Equipment

Buying Farm Equipment from Interstate? $49 protects your $80,000 purchase


Excavation equipment can cost millions, protect your payment for $49

Trucks and Trailers

Your next Prime Mover purchase is covered by using Escrow

Motor Vehicles

When your feeling is electric, protect your $25,000 online sale for as little as $49


Paying for a Guitar online, $27 covers you up to $5000

Watches & Jewellery

Watches can cost upwards of $50,000, protect your investment for $49

Any Online Transaction

Don’t get scammed online use Securely for as little as $27


Never buy or sell anything online without using Securely!

With Securely® you can buy and sell anything online safely without the risk of being scammed.

Making payments safe and easy for buying and selling a car or a caravan, motorbike, guitar or anything of value from someone you don’t know.

What is Escrow

Simple pricing for your Online Protection.

$0 - $5000

Flat $27 Fee

$5001 - $10 million

Flat $49 Fee


With Securely® you can buy and sell anything online
safely without the risk of being scammed.
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What can Securely do for you?


Securely™ makes sure sellers get paid when they sell their goods, face to face online or over the phone.


Using Securely™ buyers can trust that the seller won't be paid until they have received the goods they have bought


Securely™ is free to subscribe to, easy to use and affordable. Buyers know that their money is safe and Sellers know they will be paid.

How it works...

Buyer and  Seller agree to terms
Buyer submits payment
to Securely
Seller delivers goods
to buyer
How it works 4b
Buyer approves
the goods
Securely releases payment to seller

Ensuring everyone gets paid for the goods they have sold or the goods they've paid for on time, every time.

Online scams are a real problem

Rarely does a week go by where you don’t see an expose on A Current Affair where either a buyer or seller has been ripped off for tens of thousands of dollars online.

Having confidence in the sales process

Securely builds trust between buyers and sellers using a secure contract capture platform and secure payment gateway.

Get the sale done properly

Using the Securely app, sellers get paid fairly and buyers can trust that they get the car they paid.

A win-win solution

Securely is the software that provides a win-win for all parties.

Sellers get paid fast

Securely transforms the way sellers get paid and buyers get the car they’re paying for in three easy steps.

Step 1.    Seller submits the agreed price to the buyer for approval

Step 2.    Buyer deposits the funds with Securely

Step 3.    Seller delivers the goods.

Step 4.    Buyer approves the goods

Step 5 .   Securely releases  payment to the seller.

Securely is the app protecting both sellers and buyers.

Secure your online sale or purchase.....

Securely™ makes it easy to have everything in place

The Right Goods

Make sure what you are buying is right and its the goods you agreed to buy without losing your deposit or more...

Sales Agreement

Use Securely™ to capture your sale agreement and payment terms with the buyer or seller.

Have They Got The Money

Know the buyer has agreed to the price and has the money to buy your car before they turn up.

Your Sale Information

See the real-time status of your sale or purchase in one place and receive email confirmations at every step.

Simple Pricing

buy or sell online



Low fee


$5000< - $27.00 $5000> - $49.00

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Get up and running in minutes.

Use Securely™ make sure you get paid in full, on time, every time.